Eclipse System

What is Eclipse?

Appairy Eclipse City Cloud System is a service of services made available to businesses through our distributed on-site A.I. enabled servers. By centralising the computing power, and patching into a high-speed network, we are able to add multiple services to enhance productivity in a business:

  • VoIP & CoIP – Make calls through the internet and remove the need for traditional phone lines
  • Video Calling – HD Video calling up to 6 way for small business and 100+ user broadcasts for large business
  • Server Storage – Take advantage of storing files in one place, accessible from wherever
  • Applications Handling – Allows hosting software and programs
  • Firewall – Keeps a high level of security for you and your business
  • A.I. based software service
  • Verbal queries

How does the system work?

The Appairy Eclipse System is the integration of a central city server that branches to local businesses with fiber, allowing access to local cloud services with very little latency. This is done in a loop of fiber referred to as Metronet. This allows us to use one location to host the server, and connect between other offices in a business park scenario. This does not mean they will be sharing a connection; the server is virtually divided to act as an individual server for each business.

On the client end, they only require a local All-in-one gateway access server that connects them to the off-site cloud storage, as well as enables local eclipse services.

Legacy Office Environment

A typical 12 person office configuration to achieve similar functionality as our All-in-one server.


Appairy Eclipse Architecture


How is this beneficial?

Eclipse combines the cost of services such as phone, cloud storage, security, and server access with A.I. service into one reduced price. The advantage with Metronet in tandem with our local Eclipse servers is that we eliminate the high latency you would be getting by renting a server elsewhere. The server stays in the city, so the distances are short and allow the fastest transfer of data. As well as benefits in speed; you don’t need to pay the premium prices of renting server space or storage through services like Amazon. On top of the expected services, you receive extra capabilities such as HD video calling, user management software, and redundant backups both locally and on the cloud.