Our Story

Founded in 2014, Appairy’s mission was to create the next generation of supercomputing servers and supporting software/applications designed to enable the implementation of transformational technologies delivered over Mobile Cloud networks. These future technologies would include:

  • “Cloud-Smart Mobile Phones” with advanced performance, longer battery life, and more robust multimedia services
  • Virtual Supercomputing A.I. enabled Web services for Small-Medium Businesses that offer advanced communications capability and lower operational costs
  • Medical diagnostic services delivered over Mobile Networks to bring medical treatment to under-served markets such as India, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia
  • Advanced computer A.I. processing capabilities accessible via in-office or mobile device networks for specialised industries such as Government Services, Financial Investment Analysis, and Education enhancement.

While studying the supercomputing industry in 2014 and 2015, the company recognised that there was a near term opportunity for a new level of A.I. performance computing in the small to medium sized offices. Companies were spending considerable costs on IT and communications, but these products had not been integrated to optimise the process. Appairy designed some next generation equipment, using a combination of Intel chips, ARM cores and DSP slices to get the best performance in a single integrated chassis. This also led the company to create a Wired Desktop Smartphone, called the Eclipse, when we found that the existing desktop phones were stuck with “back in the 90s” technology.

The company also recognised the need to bring the Cloud closer to the client.  Current cloud providers are often far away from the clients, with the result that bandwidth, security and latency are suffering.  Appairy brings city Cloud to the office, with back-up based in the city.  We still allow a minimum city-cloud separation to maintain data security in case of natural disasters.