Company Profile

 “Appairy’s mission is to create the next generation of supercomputing servers and supporting software/applications designed to enable the implementation of transformational technologies delivered over Mobile Cloud networks.”



Appairy Cloud Systems is a Canadian Company based in Vancouver BC with a focus on developing next-generation hyper-convergent capability that will enable Small to Medium businesses to have high speed computing, keeping their data local, increasing their data security, and yet having the simplicity of Cloud computing. This is done using a combination of proprietary hardware and software to bring the cloud into the small or medium office. Appairy is addressing the majority of small companies that do not have the resources to have a full time IT person handling enterprise level equipment and software purchases. The company is working closely with Intel, ARM and DSP to build a combination machine that provides 8 out of 10 of the services small companies are looking for. This is done with a single All-in-one box.